Stay Awhile

This guest room was completely reimagined to create a timeless space that builds appeal through layered design elements. The result is a simple, yet elegant retreat that invites guests to stay awhile. 

Advanced Geometry

Clean lines and minimalist decor reign in this modern loft living area. Glossy tables and mirrors reflect a modernist element. Textured pillows add warmth and repeat the geometric themes of the space.

BellLoft copy 2.jpg
FieldGuestLiving copy 2.jpg

Barn Dance

For this ranch house guest suite, twin pieces of barn art are showcased. The design feels light and contemporary, while featuring small touches of a traditional ranch.  The result is a place of balance and beauty.

Curves and lines

This kitchen was transformed into a light and airy space. Large cabinets were relocated to a pantry to make way for a functional coffee bar. Geometric lines combine with curved elements to give the space balance and movement.

BellKitchen1Designed copy 2.png


Brick & Mortar Location: Springfield, MO, USA
Virtual Reach: The World

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